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When you think of finance, what words come to mind? In this English video lesson we will hear the opinions of influential business women who work in capital markets. What made them choose capital markets? This lesson is full of adjectives that can be used to describe exciting careers in any field. There are slight nuances between them, so learn how to use them appropriately and level up your business English!


  1. Fast-paced
    Something that moves or develops quickly.

  2. Dynamic
    Something that is always changing, moving or progressing.

The difference between these two is the manner of the action:

  • The main trait of “dynamic” is “always changing”
  • The main trait of “fast-paced" is “changing fast”
Fill in the blanks with the correct word:

Making adjectives from verbs

There are two different ways to make adjectives from verbs. However, depending on the ending you choose to use, the meaning will change slightly. Read this very useful article to learn how to make and use the correct adjectives!

These four adjectives are actually verbs that have been modified to become adjectives. Can you notice the pattern? Try to guess what is the original verb!

  1. Engaging
    Something that draws positive attraction or interest.
    To engage
  2. Exciting
    Something that causes great enthusiasm and interest. Compared to “engaging”, something exciting has higher energy.
    To excite
  3. Mesmerizing
    Something so interesting that it captures and holds peoples’ attention as if by magic.
    To mesmerize
  4. Challenging
    Something that tests your abilities, but in an enticing way. This word is considered to have a more positive meaning than “difficult” in most cases.
    To challenge
    “Challenge” is a word used in Japanese as well, but the cases where it is used are not the same in English. Read this very useful article to learn how to use it correctly!
Now try these ones:
To relax
To charm
To entice
To amaze
To motivate
To inspire

Expressions commonly used in the workplace

  1. To break new ground
    To do something innovative or discover something new.
    Scientists are breaking new ground with gene editing technology.
  2. To make an impact
    To do something innovative and start positive changes.
    Everyone should try to make an impact and make the world a better place.
  3. To hold oneself to high moral standards
    To expect excellent and moral behavior from someone.
    I don’t think he would gossip about something so serious, because he holds himself to very high moral standards.
  4. To reach out
    To try to start communication with someone, usually to offer or receive help or guidance.
    After I mentioned my health during a family gathering, one of my relatives reached out to offer some help.
  5. To mentor
    To advise or train someone.
    Takeda mentored me when I joined the company. He is very patient and knowledgeable.
  6. To carve your own path
    To discover and build your own way, not following what others have done before.
    As the company founder in a newly-discovered field, she had to carve her own path.

Other useful words

  1. Peer (noun)
    a person of the same age, status, or ability as another person.
    She’s now a teenager, so the opinion of her peers is very important to her.
  2. To portray (verb)
    To show or to describe something in a particular way.
    The movie portrayed her as a villain, but I think there is more than just that.
  3. Perspective (noun)
    Point of view.
    Foreigners often have an interesting perspective about our culture.
  4. Capital Markets (noun)
    The part of a financial system that trades long-term investments.
    I chose to work in capital markets because I like how dynamic it is.
  5. Trading floor (noun)
    The area within a bank or exchange where dealers buy and sell shares or other investments.
    Activity on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange starts after the ringing of a bell.
  6. Influential (adjective)
    Someone or something that can affect people’s decisions or motivate people to do something.
    Celebrities are very influential people because many people look up to them.