Tired eyes? This may be why.

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オフィスで長時間仕事をした後、目の疲れを感じますか。この実用的な英語のビデオレッスンで、パソコンによる疲れ目を解消する、簡単でシンプルな方法を見てみましょう。リモートワークをしているビジネスマンの生徒さんにとって、とても役立つ情報ですよ! また、目の疲れについて話したいときに使う表現や、医療用語も学びましょう。

At the end of a long work day at the office, do your eyes feel tired? Ours do! When we are not teaching students in Nagakute, Miyoshi or Owariasahi, we are busy looking for more ways to make English learning fun and practical. And that means we research a lot, and exchange creative new ideas during our online meetings.

That tiredness could be because of Digital Eye Strain. In this interesting video lesson we will look at some easy and simple ways to relieve the tiredness from digital eye strain. Many of our business students are working from home, and we are offering online lessons too, so these are definitely very useful tips!

We will also learn some medical words and expressions that you can use to describe the tiredness in your eyes.

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. At once (phrase)
    At the same time.
    I am currently studying two languages at once.
  2. Committed (adjective)
    Focused, dedicated.
    Her daughter is committed to doing well in the Eiken interview, so she’s studying a lot.
  3. Decor (noun)
    The decoration and the furniture of a room.
    XLingual’s decor is welcoming and with lots of plants.
  4. Blame (noun, verb)
    Responsibility for something wrong.
    Lack of confidence is to blame for my poor speaking skills.
  5. Causes of digital eye strain

    - Staring at a screen
    - Heavy screen use
  6. To stare (verb): to look directly for a long time at something.
  7. Symptoms of digital eye strain

    - Sore eyes
    - Irritated eyes
    - Blurry vision
    - Pesky headache you can't shake off
  8. Sore (adjective): in pain.
  9. Irritated (adjective): in discomfort.
  10. Blurry (adjective): not clear.
  11. Pesky (adjective): annoying.
  12. To shake something off (verb): to recover from something negative.
  13. How to cure eye strain

    Minimize screen use.
  14. Minimize (verb): to reduce something and keep it as small / low as possible.

But if you can't minimize screen use, what can you do? Complete with the missing words.

minutes / second / feet
dimming (= making it darker) / increasing
sit up / relax / slouched