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会議で難しい議題をどう扱いますか。Creative Artists Agencyの社長、Richard Lovettがこの簡単なビデオレッスンで、最良のアドバイスを教えてくれます!

How do you handle a difficult topic at business meetings? Richard Lovett, president of Creative Artists Agency, shares his best advice in this easy video lesson!

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Morning person (expression)
    Someone who is energetic when they wake up in the morning.
    My friend is a morning person: she wakes up early, works out and studies English even before she eats breakfast!
  2. Night owl (expression)
    Someone who is energetic late in the night.
    His most productive part of the day is after 8pm. Like a true night owl, he can get a lot done before midnight!
  3. Left to one’s own devices (idiom)
    To allow someone to do what they want without being controlled or helped by anyone else.
    I can’t leave my children to their own devices, they will get into trouble!
  4. To handle (verb)
    To manage a situation or problem.
    That was an unexpected situation, but she handled it with confidence and expertise.
  5. Contentious (adjective)
    Something that could cause a heated argument.
    The company’s budget for the new year was a contentious issue.

Some Context

The Farrelly Brothers are American screenwriters and directors. Their comedies are very popular; among the most well-known are Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary.

Fill in the blanks

About Richard Lovett
Morning person
Addicted to
Early 1985

His advice
Simple and direct
Listen carefully / patient and calm
Has great character / is passionate / believes