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In order to succeed in business, what degree do you think will help you? Canadian businessman and television personality Robert Herjavec says that his liberal arts degree was an important catalyst in his career. In this insightful English video lesson, we will learn some useful expressions used in marketing, as well as a very interesting proverb used in finance.

ビジネスで成功するためには、どんな学位が役立つのでしょうか。カナダのビジネスマンで、テレビ番組の司会者の Robert Herjavecは、一般教養が仕事上でとても重要な役割をしていると言っています。このビデオレッスンで、マーケティング分野の表現や、金融界のことわざを学びましょう。

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. To get somebody to do something (idiom)
    To convince someone to do something; to persuade someone.
    I got my sister to join our English group lessons, and she’s been enjoying herself!
  2. To get ahead (idiom)
    To achieve success, often in your work or society.
    I got ahead by studying hard, working hard and finding the right opportunities.
  3. To run something into the ground (idiom)
    To manage something so badly that it fails.
    Corrupt leaders can run a country into the ground.
  4. Mark (noun)
    In British English, it’s another word for “school grades”, or “test scores”.
    When I was a student, I used to get the highest marks on my English test.

  5. Some background context

    A “used car salesman” is what some salespeople are called, especially those who are sleazy and dishonest. This reputation seems to be because of how some of those salespeople sometimes lie or give half-truths about a used car’s faults. Of course, not all used car salespeople are like that but the stereotype still exists.

    When Robert talks about “the Sharks”, he’s referring to the people who star in the TV show Shark Tank. He is part of the TV show, together with other famous entrepreneurs, such as Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful. We have some video lessons about him too!). In this TV show, beginner entrepreneurs present their business ideas to the “Sharks”, who analyze it and choose if they want to invest in them. Because the Sharks are highly successful and fierce when it comes to achieving their goals, facing them like that can be as scary as being put in waters with sharks!

    Fill in the blanks

    read / write / speak
    get ahead / get / listen
    entrepreneur / product
    great / so-so
    great / run it into the ground