The edible water bottle

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At XLingual we love innovation and love the environment! We make use of technology in the classroom, and also keep a relaxing atmosphere with lots of greenery. In today’s video lesson we will look at a very interesting idea to reduce the impact of plastic in nature: an edible water bottle!

8 Useful words and expressions

  1. Curator
    A person who selects which works of art will be displayed at an exhibition.
    The pieces at the art gallery were carefully selected by the curator..
  2. Edible
    That can be eaten
    There is a business in India that sells edible cutlery!
  3. On a weekly basis
    That happens once a week.
    I clean my house on a weekly basis.
  4. To biodegrade
    To be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.
    Plastic doesn’t biodegrade easily, so it takes thousands of years to decompose.
  5. Cushiony
    Something that feels soft like a pillow.
    I prefer chairs with cushiony seats because they are more comfortable.
  6. Renewable
    A natural resource that does not disappear completely when used, and that can be reused or recycled.
    Oil is not a renewable resource because once it is burned as fuel, it is completely gone.
  7. Litter
    Trash left lying in the open in a public space.
    There was a lot of litter downtown after the Halloween party.
  8. Sachet
    A small sealed bag that contains a small amount of something.
    Fast food joints often offer ketchup sachets instead of the whole ketchup bottles.
  9. Fill in the blanks



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