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成功するためには、自己理解が必要です。この簡単なビデオレッスンでは、Gates FoundationのCEOの Sue Desmond-Hellmanが、リーダーへ貴重なアドバイスをし、どんな願いや希望が、慈善事業のビジネスでキャリアを追及する原動力になったかを伝えています。彼女はスキーを愛好しているので、スキーに関する語も学んでいきましょう。

In order to be successful, you need to be able to know yourself. In this easy English video lesson, the CEO of the Gates Foundation Sue Desmond-Hellman gives valuable advice to leaders and shares what wishes and hopes motivated her to pursue a career in the business of empathy. We will also learn a couple of terms used in skiing, since she's an avid skier!

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Morning person (expression)
    Someone who is energetic when they wake up in the morning.
    My friend is a morning person: she wakes up early, works out and studies English even before she eats breakfast!
  2. Night owl (expression)
    Someone who is energetic late in the night.
    His most productive part of the day is after 8pm. Like a true night owl, he can get a lot done before midnight!
  3. Vice (noun)
    (in this context) a bad habit.
    My father’s worst vice was his smoking.
  4. Avid (adjective)
    Showing great enthusiasm for something.
    I’m an avid baseball fan, I watch every match and know everything about all the teams!
  5. (These terms appeared in previous video lessons of the same series, please check them out!)

  6. Up to this day (phrase)
    Until now.
    My mother really takes care of her looks, even up to this day.
  7. Fuzzy (adjective)
    Not clear or easy to see.
    The president’s speech didn’t help, I think. His goals are still fuzzy to me.
  8. Quarterly (adjective)
    Done every quarter of the year, i.e. every 3 months.
    Our quarterly earnings report is looking very good.
  9. Philanthropy (noun)
    The promotion of the welfare of others, especially by donating big amounts of money to good causes.
    They are well-known for their philanthropy in their community.
  10. Physician (noun)
    a person qualified to practise medicine, especially one who specializes in diagnosis and medical treatment. Different from a surgeon.
    Our family physician referred my father to a heart specialist.
  11. With these two words, pronounce “PH” as an “F”. Therefore, [fuh-lan-thruh-pee] and [fuh-zi-shn]

Some background context

The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football team based in Seattle.

Deep powder is a ski term that describes when there is a lot of powdery, fluffy snow on the ski hills.

Moguls is another ski term that describes small hills on ski areas. Sometimes they’re made on purpose, some other times they are made naturally by skiers going down that path and turning around them.

Fill in the blanks

About Sue Desmond-Hellman
morning person
five miles
kind word
greatest hope
Her business advice
be yourself
check how you feel

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