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What do you like to do on your weekends? In this easy English video lesson, Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary shares with us his Sunday routine. He stays productive while also dedicating time to his family and his hobbies! We will also learn some interesting expressions related to productivity and self-improvement.

あなたは週末に何をするのが好きですか。この簡単なビデオレッスンでは、カナダのビジネスマン Kevin O’Learyが日曜日に習慣にしていることを紹介しています。彼は、ビジネスに有益な活動をしつつ、家族や趣味の時間も大事にしています。自己啓発や、生産的であることについての面白い表現も学んでいきましょう。

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Routine (noun)
    A sequence of actions regularly followed.
    I listen to English podcasts every morning as part of my daily English study routine.
  2. Which way the wind is blowing (expression)
    If you wait to see which way the wind is blowing, you observe the current situation to see what is likely to happen.
    I wanted to buy some more shares of the company, but before I make my decision I want to see which way the wind is blowing.
  3. To matter (verb)
    To be important.
    Language skills matter in a globalized world.
  4. To take (someone) up to (phrasal verb)
    To occupy time, space or attention.
    That meeting took us up until the afternoon.
  5. To keep one’s chops up (expression, informal)
    To stay good at something, usually a skill.
    I attend an English class once a week to keep my chops up.
  6. Constantly (adverb)
    She is constantly reminded of how much her family loves her.
  7. All over the place (informal)
    Everywhere, in a somewhat disorderly state.
    The house was all over the place during the party, we had 20 people talking and eating!
  8. To set someone up (phrasal verb)
    To make preparations for someone to do something.
    Before I left for my vacation, I set my substitute up with all the worksheets he would need that week.
  9. The Old World (expression)
    that part of the world that was known before the discovery of the Americas, comprising Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Some background context

Sunday Morning on CBS is an American news TV program that has aired on CBS since 1979. The 90-minute program currently airs Sundays from 9am Eastern time, and from 6am Pacific time. It covers a variety of topics, from the main news stories of the week to arts, entertainment and interviews with celebrities.

Steenbeck is a company that makes flatbed editors, which are tools used in film editing.

Fill in the blanks

waking up early / doing a workout
which way the wind is blowing
what interests him
watch collection / wine business / video editing
stop editing / constantly
go out to a restaurant sometimes
try to do a family dinner

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