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会社経営で、最も難しいこととは?このビデオレッスンでは、Anthem Incの元CEOが、会社のリーダーとなる上で、最も大切だと感じることを紹介しています。使えるビジネス英語のイディオムも学びましょう。

What’s the most difficult part of running a business? In this video lesson, the former CEO of Anthem Inc. shares with us what he thinks is the most important thing about being the leader of a company. We will also learn some useful business English idioms.

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Permanent (adjective)
    Always there; something intended to last forever.
    I wonder what his life is like, because he’s in a permanent state of happiness.
  2. Fixture (noun)
    A piece of furniture or equipment that is fixed in place.
    We bought and installed new light fixtures last week.
  3. To stay in shape (idiom)
    To stay in good physical form.
    This year I decided to stay in shape by going for a daily run.
  4. Sick day (noun)
    A paid day off due to illness.
    I can’t go to work today because I have a fever, so I’ll take a sick day.
  5. Fly fishing (noun)
    A method of fishing that uses a weighted line and artificial fly as bait.
    We went fly fishing on the weekend with the family.
  6. Avid (adjective)
    Showing great enthusiasm for something.
    I’m an avid baseball fan, I watch every match and know everything about all the teams!
  7. First and foremost (phrase)
    Most importantly.
    If we want the project to be successful, we should first and foremost focus on the needs of our customers.
  8. Intuition (noun)
    The ability to understand something by instinct, without thinking too hard about it.
    My intuition tells me that there is something wrong with her...
  9. To cast (verb)
    In fishing, it’s the act of throwing the line and bait in the water.
    After putting the bait on the hook, you can cast the line and patiently wait for the fish to bite.
  10. To stay on your game (idiom)
    Doing something at your highest level. Also said “to stay on top of your game”.
    Shohei Ohtani is absolutely on top of his game this season. He even got voted “Player of the Year”!
  11. Humility (noun)
    Having a modest opinion of oneself.
    His humility is inspiring. He is always putting others before himself.

Some background context

Sisyphus is a Greek character who tried to deceive death. Because of that, he was punished: he was forced to roll a giant rock up a hill, but the rock rolled down the hill when he was almost at the top of the hill. He has to do that for eternity. The expression “a sisyphean task” is used to describe a task that is difficult, endless and without objective.

The Balvenie is a high-end Scotch whisky distillery.

Hoosiers is the name of the football team of Indiana University. Blue Devils is the name of the football team of Duke University, in North Carolina.

Fill in the blanks

About Joseph Swedish
reads five newspapers
permanent fixture
stays in shape
Blue Devils
photo of his wife / wedding dress
sick day
His business advice
Collaborative / active listening / dynamic tension
staying on your game / humility / presence / passion / persistence