Guy Kawasaki: Lessons on Innovation

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Let's Study

あなたの会社は新しいものを生み出すことに苦労をしていますか。この易しい英語のビデオレッスンでは、元 Appleの社員 Guy Kawasaki が、どうやってひらめきを得たり、トレンドを先取したりするか貴重な見解を紹介しています。「can」「can’t」の聞き取りの練習もしていきましょう。

Does your company struggle with innovation? In this easy English video lesson, former Apple employee Guy Kawasaki shares some valuable insight on how to find inspiration and be ahead of the curve! We will also practice listening with “can” and “can’t”.

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Current (adjective)
    Happening or being used or done now.
    My current goal is to score high on the Eiken test.
  2. The next curve (expression, business)
    The next trend.
    After smart watches and airpods, I wonder what the next curve will be.
  3. To express (verb)
    To communicate a thought or feeling.
    Mr. Kato’s English is so good, he can express himself so well!
  4. In terms of (phrase)
    A phrase used to specify a point of view.
    In terms of reliability, our logistics company has never failed us.
  5. To frame something in your mind (verb)
    To imagine.
    The teacher asked me to think about what I would do on my first visit to the moon, but I just can’t frame that in my mind!
  6. To suspect (verb)
    To think something is true, but without having solid proof.
    I suspect their next release will have improved cameras, but I’m not sure.
  7. To revise (verb)
    To examine and make corrections or improvements to something.
    I revised the report draft, and it should be good to send to our shareholders.

Business Idioms

When a company is ahead of the curve, it means that they are at the front of current thinking or current trends. This can be said of companies such as Apple, who lead innovation instead of just following it.

When a company is behind the curve, it means that they are late compared to other companies, and have not yet adopted the current thinking or the current trends. This can be said of companies who take too long to release products and don’t usually lead innovation.

If a company stops innovating, we say it has become stagnant.

When its products and services are not used anymore, we say it has become obsolete.

Fill in the blanks

Kawasaki separates clearly what your current customer base can and can't do for your company's innovation. Watch the video and fill in the blanks.

Can / in terms of
Better, faster, cheaper / can’t
You can / they can’t