Becoming a first class flight attendant

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What is necessary to become a flight attendant for one of the most luxurious airlines in the world? Mastering conversation in more than one language is an essential requirement.It is chic to be bilingual!

In this video lesson, we will learn some useful English words and expressions that are often used when discussing professional dress codes.

Useful Words and Expressions

  1. Purser (noun)
    The designated onboard leader on the aircraft.
    The purser is responsible for managing the service on the flight and ensuring it meets company standards.
  2. Gig (noun, informal)
    A job.
    I got a nice gig at the concert venue!
  3. Glamourous
    Attractive, luxurious, elegant.
    She’s so glamorous when she speaks English so confidently!
  4. Long haul flights
    Long distance flights
    Long haul flights are so exhausting.
  5. On tiptoes (adverbial expression)
    Walking with your heels raised above the ground, using only your toes.
    I am short, so I need to stand on my tiptoes to reach the top shelf.
  6. To look the part (idiom)
    To dress appropriately for a role or situation.
    When he goes to business meetings, he does his best to look the part: he wears his best suit and prepares his speech in advance.
  7. French manicure
    A nail style that consists of a nude base with white tips.
    A French manicure is a classic elegant style, perfect for business women.
  8. Clean-shaven (adjective)
    Without a beard or mustache.
    The best professional look for men is combed hair and clean-shaven.
  9. To cater to (verb)
    To provide what a person needs or wants.
    My teachers do their best to cater to the needs of the classroom.
  10. Dietary restrictions
    Limits on what a person can eat due to allergies, religion, or principles.
    Employees should be careful about respecting the dietary restrictions of those who have allergies.
  11. Wine pairing
    Foods and desserts that go well with wine.
    If you don’t know what food to serve with wine, ask a sommelier.
  12. Perk (noun, informal)
    An advantage or benefit someone can access because of their job.
    One of the perks of this job is being able to learn about many different industries.
  13. To nominate (verb)
    To recommend someone for a prize or award.
    Emirates allows their flight attendants to nominate a friend or family member to gain a free flight.
  14. Concessionary (adjective)
    Relating to something offered at a reduced price.
    Concessionary train tickets are given to investors of the rail company.
  15. To go through (idiom)
    To check.
    Please go through the list to make sure we didn’t forget anything.

Fill in the blanks

What are the requirements, expectations and advantages of being a flight attendant for a famous airline such as Emirates? Watch the video and fill in the blanks:

  1. Base requirements

  2. - Minimum age of __________
    - Minimum height of 5 feet 2 inches (157cm)
    - Minimum arm reach of 7 feet (213cm) on tiptoes
    - __________ in english
    - At least a high school degree
    - No __________ when wearing uniform
    Answers: 21 years / fluency / visible tattoos
  3. Appearance requirements

  4. - __________ makeup
    - Minimal __________, but no necklaces
    - Clean nails: nude or red nail polish, or a __________
    - Men must be __________ and have their hair styled with minimal product
    natural / jewelry / French manicure / clean-shaven
  5. Responsibilities of first-class flight attendants

  6. - Observe and write down preferences, __________ of the regular flyers
    - Have expert understanding of the entire first-class menu, including options for passengers with __________, wine pairing for dishes and the tasting notes of 60 cheeses
    - Know more than one __________
    likes and dislikes / dietary restrictions / language
  7. Duties on-board

  8. - Do the __________before passengers board
    - Provide __________ during the flight
    - __________ the cabin after everyone deboards
    safety check / food and drink service / go through
  9. Perks of the job

  10. - Free __________ in dubai
    - 30 vacation days
    - One free flight a year
    - Can __________ friends and family for discounted tickets
    - Veteran first-class attendants get to attend events
    - Layovers in 160 cities worldwide with __________ covered
    housing / nominate / accommodations and meals