I’d like a refund!

by Regina, August 31, 2019


Customer: Excuse me. I think there’s a problem with the pants that I bought yesterday. The product description on the packaging says that the size is medium. However, when I opened my purchase at home, I was surprised to find that the size of the pants inside is large. Could you exchange this for me, please?
Store clerk: I’m very sorry to hear that. May I check the pants, packaging and the receipt?
Customer: Okay. (Hands the items to the store clerk.)
Store clerk: (Checks the items and the record in their computer.) I’m really sorry about this. There must have been a mix up. I will change the item right away.(After the clerk gave the correct item to the customer.) I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll be more careful so that this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

店の店員は苦情に対してどのように対応したでしょうか?店員はどのような表現を使っていますか?その表現は丁寧なものでしたか? 苦情を受け入れる際に使える表現をまとめてみました:

I’m terribly sorry. We promise not to make the same mistake in the future.
We would like to apologize. We will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.
Sorry to inconvenience you. We will try our best to prevent this from happening again.


Customer: I booked a non-smoking room but the one that you gave me reeks of smoke. Since you said that the hotel is fully-booked and I can’t transfer to another room anyway, I would like to get a refund.
Hotel staff: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It is prohibited to smoke inside the hotel, so we also don’t know where the smell is coming from either. We will try our best to remove the smell if you give us a few hours. However, I’m afraid that we cannot give you a refund. I’m really sorry.
*reeks of….. = smells badly of….


I would like to help you as much as I can, but our company rules state that…
I’m afraid that we can’t do anything about it.
I’m very sorry, but there isn’t much we can do about it.


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